Top attractions in Netherlands

There are a lot of places to visit in the country of Netherlands that you should not missed. These places are the most easily accessible to visit with your family and friends. Netherlands are known from it’s classic windmills and historical center town which is laden with sights and museums. These are some of the thrilling site to visit in Netherlands. Amsterdam which is the capital city of Netherlands has a lot of wonderful sites to visit and tour around.

Gouda, it is the typical city of Dutch where you can see a lot of old buildings and pretty canals. It is a popular destination for a day trip because of its great rail and highway connections. This is the city where cheese is famous because of its stroopwafels, candles and clay pipes. Gouda attractions has also its beautiful town hall of the 15th century and the amazing glass windows in St. Janskerk. This city is entirely ringed by beautiful canals.

Rotterdam is known as the modern city in Netherlands. Rotterdam boast with a lot of historical districts for visitors to explore. The summertime festivals and carnivals are the one that attract visitors from nearby European countries every year. The Erasmus Bridge is one of the highly unique and imposing but highly regarded as a work of art in Netherlands because it soars over the Europe’s largest harbor. Most tourist stop at the museum where artworks are on display from Middle ages to modern times. These are just some of the wonderful places to visit in Netherlands but there are more.