Crazy Food in the Netherlands

Netherlands taste is very different to other countries. A lot of delicious food that will make you crazy and amaze of what does it taste and look like. One is so called the old Dutch cinnamon pillows. When you eat it, you feel like it would hurt your eyes in real life but since there are no actual cinnamon pillows it is just a candy variety that look like cinnamon pillows. These candy are really good. When you eat it, they dissolve in your mouth as you chew them. At first you get like a bit of a hard sensation like it’s a hard candy and think that you cannot bite it but then at last second it will melt between your teeth.

Another crazy food that you wanted to try is the zoo mix . This is like a gummies shaped like an animal. It’s a little tiny gummy that taste like a root beer. It doesn’t taste like normal root beer candy like in different countries that they have but  it taste like a plant-based. It was made from some sort of veggies. Old Dutch butter waffle candies it is a waffle shaped candies which is made up of butter and taste like butterscotch.

Octo drop is made something out of honey but it tastes like black licorice. Old Dutch cherry sticks smells delicious and looks like a stick and when you eat it it probably melts in your mouth. It is good for senior citizens who are hard to chew because this candy will already dissolve in your mouth once you eat it. No more bites.Netherlands is a popular country about their amazing styles and taste of food. It is a place where you can buy food that is first class in taste and creativity.