Introducing the Waterfall of Colors: The Amazing Northern Lights

Have you ever heard about the Aurora Borealis? I first encountered this word while watching one of the documentaries in the television set in Finland. I was totally amazed to see on the television a shifting of colors and waterfall of colors that makes the dark sky beautiful and colorful as if you might think that the sun is rising in the wrong direction. Aurora Borealis is usually seen in many areas on the Northern latitudes most especially during the month of September, October, March, and April.

The Aurora Borealis is actually known as the Northern Lights or also known as the Polar Light and this actually a natural display of light by nature in the sky in the Arctic and Antarctic region in an area called an auroral zone. The Aurora around the North Pole is called the Aurora Borealis commonly known as the Northern Lights. The aurora around the South Pole is light also called the Aurora Australis or the Southern Lights. The colors being depicted trough the aurora is usually greenish in color, blue, violet, pink and even red. Find this great agency for you to process your visa. This one was recommended by my friend and as I read review, I trust this already. Very great people assist you for your travel documents to be processed.

Auras change in shape and it constantly moves and can be a single hue, or a shimmering rainbow that varies in color. The term Aurora Borealis is formed by the Italian astronomer and philosopher Galileo Galilei in the year 1619. The formation of the aurora is caused by the collisions of the gas particles (it comes from the atmosphere of the earth) and the charged particles (from the atmosphere of the sun). See this agency service. You may open more This is an easy way of applying for your passport.