Let us learn some of the 8 varieties of tasty  Dutch food

In every country, they have their own different kind of food with their different preference and taste of food. One of the amazing food that everybody want to try is the Dutch. The Dutch foods are the foods you can eat as you visit Holland or Netherlands. They have what they called stroopwaffels or syrup waffles. This is a tasty cookie pressed and grilled and smeared with syrup.

They have also what they called the Oliebol or Oil Orb in English, a pretty simple snack made with a dough being fried until it becomes crunchy on the outside and deliciously soft on the inside with powdered sugar as a coating. The Rookworst or Smoke Sausage in English is a sausage with ground meat mixed with spices being hung above the smoldering wood and is very tasty. The Stamppot or Mash Pot that is made of pure mashed potatoes and vegetable with gravy. They also have spicy biscuits that come in many shapes and sizes called the Speculaas.This is best clinic to help you have best eye treatment, see this link 眼科診所. These biscuits vary in forms and colors with its main ingredients generally cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.

Dutch people love cheese so much and what makes the country of Holland or Netherlands to be unique is because the people here love cheese. The Kaas has the meaning the Dutch cheese. Kaas come into different varieties. It has a hundred of kind and flavor and is purely made of cheese. Find more information over here 白內障手術. Haring is also one of Dutch food, this is actually a small fish that is being eaten raw with some diced onions and pickles.