Understanding about the EU or European Union

Have you ever heard about the European Union or do you have any idea about it? The European Union which is known today is the number of treaties or agreements between the European countries after the horror that happened during the World War II so the people wanted to look for ways to ensure and maintain the future peace and cooperation among the different countries in Europe that leads to the come up of the European Union in the year 1940’s as the first step when the European Community was first discussed.

In the year 1951 the first Union was formed between six countries, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, France and West Germany that they make an agreement to work together for the production of coal and steel materials that are very useful in rebuilding the military forces. In the year 1957, the European Economic Community (AEC) was set for easy buy and sell off a wide range of goods and for the people to easily travel, live and work within the countries. Look into this designing interior company. They are the best, visit this site here 室內設計網站. In the year 1973 is the year towards the step in a participation of the people and in the year 1986, the prime minister at that time signed the Single European Act that will reduce the barriers for trading.

In the year 1993, the AEC was renamed as the European Union and introduced more cooperation between the governments in areas like defense and justice. In the year 2002, Euro was born as currencies and in the year 2004, the EU members from a different country in Europe becomes larger with more than 30 countries member of it.