Vincent Van Gogh: The legendary artist from the Netherlands

In Netherlands, they have one significant individual whom they regard as a legendary artist naming Vincent Van Gogh. He was born on the 30th of March 1853 in Zundert Netherlands who was known as the post- impressionist painter. Though he was not that known and familiar to everyone and was not yet discovered and unappreciated during his lifetime now he becomes an amazingly familiar and is considered to be one of the famous and influential artists in the History of Western Art.

Vincent Van Gogh actually suffers from multiple mental illnesses during his time and is known as the symbol of sadness and familiar as the tortured of an artist. He started painting at the age of 27 showing us an example that it is not too late to follow our dreams. He is unique in terms of his own painting, in his childhood he did not use a pencil or paint to paper until he reached the age of 27. Due to poverty and financial difficulty, he cannot afford to buy a set of paints and just relied on a gift from his brother who becomes his big contributor and also look at this style that is totally considered as an art. He is actually a prolific artist during a career that lasted over a decade. Click this link for catering service company. See over this site 餐飲. This is best.

He created approximately 2,100 pieces of art. In this collection, 860 is oil paintings and many of his sketched drawings were completed in France. Actually, 4 of the top 30 most expensive paintings of Van Gogh has the highest prices like the portrait of Dr. Gachet sold for $82.5 million in the year 1990 and the portrait of Joseph in Seoul is worth $50 million in 1989. Experiencing the new style of fashion dresses are really great and amazing. It comes also through floral wedding dress for bride that really wants a new style for her gown. This really makes every woman happy and excited to have new trends of fashion dresses. See this catering restaurant. This is best and great 外燴. Click for more info.