Introducing the Country of Netherlands with Some Facts

For most people who loves adventure and traveling, coming in Netherlands is a dream come true. The country of Netherlands has a lot of people same with the other country, there is a good balance between the old and new, hard work and fun, a place also of innovation and tradition. Coming into Netherlands, Delft welcomes you with its twin towers as its city gate graced by an old drawbridge and a canal moat. In entering the city, you will be amazed and will be delighted with the architecture of the buildings recalling the Golden Age.

Almost all of the Netherland is built on a soggy land. The City Hall is made up of heavy stone jail was built on the most solid land in town. Here in Delft, their canals are amazingly used provided for transportation and network for barges, today these old barges retired and is permanently used in front of cafes and restaurants for outdoor dining, check here.  The Delftware is also famous all around the world, it is here where you can find the Royal Delft which is the oldest surviving workshop established back in 1600 that made the tourists and visitors drop in and see how it is made this is how much they highly valued earthenware.

The country of Netherlands is very small country and it has the most densely populated country in Europe that is below sea level. For centuries, the Dutch or the people of Netherlands build windmill and is used for centuries that until now many windmill still survived that are very useful to the Dutch people.