Rotterdam: The City of Netherlands

Rotterdam is the second biggest city in the Netherlands that has the largest port in Europe, until recently it became the largest port in the world. It was totally bombed during the World War II but it has been rebuilt in a really interesting way. So were going to explore the history of Rotterdam starting off back in the old port.¬†One of the really cool things about this city is the water taxi. It is a taxi, but it’ s a boat.

The reason why Rotterdam is such a big port is that it’s on the New Mass River, which essentially connects the North Atlantic with the Rhine River. During the Second World War the city was heavily bombed for being a port and it’s still exists now.¬†Students of American history might remember that some of the first settlers were Pilgrims. They left England because they were religious Puritans.

They came to the Netherlands, which was a very tolerant country religiously. They felt that Dutch, although tolerant, were living a little bit too crazy. They were dancing, they were drinking, all these crazy things sins here in the exact port of Rotterdam, right front of the church. They hopped on a ship and sailed for the Americas. They are also friendly and jolly people when you got to meet them.