What to do in the Netherlands

It’s nice to visit Netherlands during the month of January. It’s pretty cold in there and it’s nice to go during that time. Eventhough it was being destroyed during the World War II but now it was totally rebuilt and become a very modern city. It is really a beautiful place in the world. Great attention is given to their cultural art. Also, the Netherlands are architecturally good in improvising old buildings into modernized and structural building. They are also planning on working towards a Landmine-Free World in the near future.

The New York hotel is one of the few historical buildings in Netherlands. A lot of very large spaces and above all you can find the largest port in Netherlands among the largest city of the world. There is also a very impressive structure in the city that includes 288 apartments including the market. You can find bars, restaurants and also cheese shops and butchers in this structure. There is a part of the streets also where different types of foods they are selling. You can just drop by even when you are in a taxi to buy foods in just a cheap price.

One of the symbols of their modern architecture today is the Netherlands is the cubic houses. If you want you can visit one of these houses for just 3 euros. It is also considered as the hipster street, where you can find restaurants and places to have a coffee shops. It is a nice place to go with your friends, families, boyfriend or girlfriend. Many tourist are visiting this place because of it’s good ambiance and good weather. You will feel relaxed and stress free being here in Netherlands. It is a nice place to spend your vacation.