Netherlands Culture

Netherlands is a quite big country which is located in Western Europe and apparently also located in Caribbean. If you are going to focus on the part of the Europe, Netherlands is known to be very tolerant which is reflected in their liberal policies. They were actually the very first country to legalize same-sex marriage. The country is the largest exporter of beer and cheese. The cheese part is not so weird considering that the Netherlands makes the best cheese in the world as agreed by the judges before.

Netherlands name means high country which is obviously because of its very high level. In fact 80 percent of the country is above sea-level making a great share of the country vulnerable to flooding. Well luckily global warming isn’t a thing. They are high country and the Dutch people actually is the tallest in the entire world with an average high of 184 centimeters for men and 170 centimeters for women.

The Netherlands is also famous for producing a lot of electro music with DJ’s . Electro music must be a compulsory subject of Dutch schools. There are a lot of ridiculous stereotypes about them so Dutch people only wear orange clothing wooden shoes. They always carry tulips all the time. Dutch people are very open and very honest. They’re also just really fun to be around and they love partying. if you ever had a part with Dutch people just ditch with your friends and go hang out with the Dutch people. Netherlands also known for their best football team that has won a lot of championship in every game.